What we’ll do for you…

• Apply EQ, Compression, Delays, Reverbs, and Chorusing

• Add Track Drops and Effects like Filters, Stutters, and Glitches (where needed) for Your Music to Sound More Lively and Dynamic

• Add Interesting Elements to the Song... even Harmonies

• Provide Vocal Arrangements and Entire Breakdown Sections

Pitch-Perfect & Natural Sounding Vocal Tuning w/ no Artifacts or...

Heavily Auto-Tuned Vocals as Heard on Today's Most Popular Hits

Vocal Aligning for Tight Backgrounds and Doubles

Level Frequencies - Mistakes Fixed for a Better Listening Experience and a Professional Sound - Maximum Volume

BIG Bottoms - W-i-d-e Mids - Highs that Sizzle and Shine

Maximize the Space in the Stereo Field to Make Your Sound Bigger and Wider

Drum Aligning for Tight Grooves and a Punchier Sound

Live Streaming of Mix Sessions to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer for Ease of Communication and Execution of Your Ideas and Adjustments

• Make Critical Decisions from the Comfort and Familiarity of Your Own Listening Environment