About Us

MixYourHit is an online mixing service and is operated by music producer, mix /mastering engineer and programmer, Guillermo Edghill Jr, p.k.a. BiG JooN!.

His work has been featured on gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums and singles, led to artists acquiring 14 major label recording and publishing deals and has landed 29 song placements including 22 on major labels. Projects he has worked on have sold over 20 million units worldwide and have over 100 million views/plays on the internet.


• Apply EQ, Compression, Delays, Reverbs, and Chorusing

• Add Track Drops and Effects like Filters, Stutters, and Glitches (where needed) for Your Music to Sound More Lively and Dynamic

• Add Interesting Elements to the Song... even Harmonies

• Provide Vocal Arrangements and Entire Breakdown Sections

Pitch-Perfect & Natural Sounding Vocal Tuning w/ no Artifacts or...

Heavily Auto-Tuned Vocals as Heard on Today's Most Popular Hits

Vocal Aligning for Tight Backgrounds and Doubles

Level Frequencies - Mistakes Fixed for a Better Listening Experience and a Professional Sound - Maximum Volume

BIG Bottoms - W-i-d-e Mids - Highs that Sizzle and Shine

Maximize the Space in the Stereo Field to Make Your Sound Bigger and Wider

Drum Aligning for Tight Grooves and a Punchier Sound

Live Streaming of Mix Sessions to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer for Ease of Communication and Execution of Your Ideas and Adjustments

• Make Critical Decisions from the Comfort and Familiarity of Your Own Listening Environment