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Thank you for your interest! Mixing is a science and art but with today's and tomorrow's music, artistic/computer creativity and innovation is of paramount importance. Each song is different and there are many variables to take into consideration when determining a fair mixing rate (e.g., length of song, number of tracks, vocal tuning, etc.). For a FREE quote and consultation, please send your mp3 to mp3@MixYourHit.com.

Please include your phone number and/or Skype ID, a brief description of the work needed (full mix, vocal tuning, etc.) and a good time to contact you.

For questions or comments, please call us at +1.347.464.9379, MixYourHit on Skype or email us at info@MixYourHit.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Head Engineer:

Guillermo "BiG JooN!™" Edghill Jr


Amanda Reyes

Address: 244 Fifth Ave, Suite G282, New York, NY 10001, USA